Set contains: 36W UV / LED Bridge Lamp: Semilac Base 3ml, Semilac Top 3 ml, Semilac Color 7ml, Semilac 032 Biscuit 3ml, Semilac 231 Girl on Fire 3ml, 250 pcs cotton pads, Semilac Acetone 50 ml, Semilac NailCleaner 50 ml, Mini Polisher. 2. Semilac Starter Set - One Step Hybrid Lo starter kit, pronto all'uso, contiene tutti i prodotti necessari per creare lo stile adatto per le vostre giornate. Semilac’s ‘Try Me’ Set is ideal for gel nail newbies who want to get started painting gel nails at home without needing to purchase individual products to start their home salon. 10 Ideas for Christmas Nails. :) This Kit has all items to apply & remove gel polish manicure & pedicure. Now it’s LOVE ME ! Semilac CHARMING Gift Set with 36W Led Lamp. ProductId : 50425656. Lamp bridge UV / LED 36W motion sensor, dual led technology and low-temperature mode. Semilac CHARMING UV GEL POLISH MANICURE STARTER SET This is our most extensive set with 36w UV LED Lamp. Trust us when we say your nails have never looked this good! Sale. Semilac Starter Set Love me CUSTOMISED with 48/24W Led Lamp. Semilac colour 039 Sexy Red 7ml, 5. Semilac colour 003 Sweet Pink 7ml, 6. Meet the Semilac TRY ME CUSTOMIZED configurable hybrid starter kit, the basic package of products and accessories you need to get beautiful nails.. What varnishes can you find in this set? $111.23 + shipping. Semilac colour 181 Spicy Salsa 7ml, 9. Semilac Starter-Set Love Me 24/48 W LED UV-Nagellampe Maniküre Nageltrockner 4,8 von 5 Sternen 8. £59.90 £50.92. Semilac Acetone 50 ml,6. Semilac colour 135 Frappe 7ml, 7. FREE Returns. Semilac Top 7ml, 4. You choose the third varnish yourself, according to your preferences. Semilac Base 7ml, 3. Set contains:1. Set contains: 1. Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml,7. Semilac Colour 7ml - your choice*4. The Semilac Starter Set One Step Pen also comes with a bold 3ml shade of timeless red for a sultry look, nail cleaner and mini polisher to prepare your nails, Semilac manicure oil to nourish and give shine to your cuticles. We make it quick and easy to get started with our pro-style set! $70.35 + shipping. Seller 99.9% positive. Dust-free wipes 250 pieces,5. With Semilac Gelish Starter Kit, you can quickly turn your home salon into a real beauty salon! Semilac Base 7ml,2. These are two absolute bestsellers – Classic red 231 and a Nude shade Biscuit 032. Seller 99.9% positive. Sale. Description. SEMILAC XL 36W Diamond LED Lamp 9 Items Starter Set for Hybrid Manicure. £89.90 £76.42. Semilac Starter Gift Set Kit Try Me 36W UV/LED Lamp Nail Gel Polish Soak Off. However, this is not all! Equipped From the blog. A set created for professional nail stylists. Semilac Top 7ml,3. Semilac Buffer 9. Semilac colour 028 Classic Wine 7ml, 8. Buy Semilac Basic Starter Kit Set with 24W Led Lamp Nail Gel Polish Hybrid Manicure Foil Wrap 50pcs Nail Wipesx250 Polishing Block 2 x Nail Files Semilac Striper for Removing Nail Gel Polish at Desertcart. The Try Me Set Includes: Lamp bridge UV/LED 36W Semilac Base (3ml) Semilac Top (3ml) Meet the Semilac Basic configurable gel polish starter kit, the basic package of products and accessories you need to get beautiful nails. Semilac Flexible set has new design ! Christmas is nearly here! December 15, 2020. FREE Delivery Across Croatia. NeoNail LED Lamp 21/48W ECO for … Now is … Questo pacchetto si basa sul nostro rivoluzionario Semilac One Step Hybrid Pure Red...rosso senza tempo. 2 x Nail File8.